Our Staff

Geoff Caldwell

Geoff Caldwell

Director of Camping

I have been in Camping for 25 years in a team with my wife Kendra, and each year you meet new challenges and see the amazing workings of God. I believe I have been called into the camping ministry just like pastors are called into the church. Ministry in Camping is a serving ministry which includes running camps yourself as well as providing a space for other to do their ministry. In my time in camping I started as an Assistance Manager doing everything that needed doing to now being the Director of Camping for the Baptist Church. This means supporting staff that look after the campsites, ministries, and personally sharing the Boards vision for camping to all, as well as being in meetings for the Baptist Church. Another side to my role is being a part of Christian Venues Association which I am Victorian Chairperson and the Deputy Chair National. In this role I am on the cutting edge of information and policing for Camping Venues across Australia. What I enjoy is the development of ministry, working with all staff and groups, and seeing young people develop and be challenged. You can see this in little things of doing dishes, to climbing high ropes or just having time to reflect. We live in a big and wonderful world that we need to explore and experience.

This really is an amazing ministry to be part of and I encourage you to reflect on your life calling to see whether this is for you.

Kendra Caldwell

Office Manager

Kendra has been in Christian Camping for 25 years with her husband Geoff. With a keen eye for business admin and management Kendra loves to organise and lead our office from the very first call you make to us to the last parting good byes on your camps last day. Heavily involved in the community you can find Kendra and Geoff volunteering, on local planning committees, and being a voice for tourism for the Great Ocean Road.

Don Kenny

Business Manager

After serving this great nation of yours in the Royal Australian Air Force for 27 years, I decided to settle in Geelong after thirteen removals. Studying full-time for several years, I completed my university studies and gained my Advanced Diploma in Business and another in Human Resources.

Leaving Defence, the next eight years of my life was occupied with voluntary work mainly in the youth development area. I am a staff member for the Australian Air Force Cadets, a Justice of the Peace, a treasure for police Blue-light and an Air Force Reservist in financial issues for the Australian Air Force Cadets.

Working four days a week for the Air Force as a reservist, I decided to return to full time work. Baptist Camping Victoria as looking for a Business Manager with a financial/HR background. I thought working in a Christ centered environment would be different than my past being one of say ten on a Defence base of two thousand.

Starting in mid-November of 2012 this has been the case. I feel a real since of family among the staff and am blessed to be part of the team. I like the openness to new and exciting ideas and the visionary approach the senior management have. I feel the future of Baptist Camping Victoria looks great and with enthusiasm I look forward to contributing to our vision of “Christian Camping the Challenges”.


Chase Goodwin

Ministry & Program Manager

Chase was born and raised in New Zealand where he met his beautiful wife Shinai. They moved to Melbourne in 2015 after he sensed the Holy Spirit prompt them to move here.
Chase has a strong desire to see people grow in Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely amongst Gods people.
He enjoys discipleship and releasing people into the deeper things of God. Faith has been a massive deciding factor in his family’s life and he loves seeing Jesus delivering on his promises.
His passion for reading and ministry takes up most of his spare time.

Camp Wilkin

Peter Stewart

Site Manager

I have been involved in Christian camping industry for over 3 years with my wife and 3 children. Furthermore we have another 8 years on top of that in the hospitality trade. Camp Wilkin is a special site with an amazing reputation for delivering great hospitality, programs & accommodation. We believe strongly in one’s own journey of self-improvement through life and through God’s Grace, Spirit & Word. We believe that then is reflected in the Hospitality and ministry afforded to all our clientele.

We are focused on providing hospitality that cares, not just ticking boxes and providing a service. If you see me floating around whilst you are on camp then feel free to come up and say hello – Or I just might. And remember we are always prepared to go that extra mile to ensure your stay and experience is one that you will treasure.

Shinae Colville

Host & Programmer

Shinae loves the outdoors and program design. From walking you through each day of your camp befoure you arrive, making sure everything moment on camp is being fulfilled and being on hand throughout your stay, you can be sure that Shinae will be there to ensure your stay is nothing short of exceptional. From her camping internship days at Halls Gap, Shinae moved to the Surf Coast at the beginning of 2017 to move into a permanent position in the Camping industry.

Andrew Gordon

Program Co-Ordinator

Program Coordinator at Baptist Camping Victoria. My role is quite varied, but I spend most of my time working with our school groups and our internship. I enjoy seeing young people come to our camps and reach their full potential through an adventure based program. Witnessing them push their own boundaries, face challenging situations and achieve goals is personally encouraging for me. I have been involved with Baptist Camping for almost 6 years, and have the privilege of training interns. For many of them it is the first time living away from home, completing tertiary study, and being involved in a full time work environment. I have witnessed immense growth in each of these young people, and feel blessed to be able to walk with them through their ‘gap’ year. Outside of camp I am into jazz records from the 60s, Essendon Football Club, and contemporary art.

Rolf Ten Hoopen

Head Chef

Rolf‘s passion for food is seen in the details and the attention he gives each individual camper. With over 40 years experience cooking Rolf has cooked it all. Specializing in alleges and diets Rolf can accommodate all your campers needs. If he isn’t in the kitchen Rolf loves spending time with his family and his vegetable garden.


Pete & Maz Caulfield

Site Managers

We have been ministering through camping for nearly sixteen years and have raised our four children during and to be part of this family ministry. We felt called to the coast where we had spent much of our time and to camping which have been a God given desire since our early years together. Living and working in Gods amazing creation, a beautiful bush setting and providing an environment where people can build relationships with each other and with God, is a privilege. We pray that we can be living examples of Christ s love to all that walk through our doors and show that life can be fun and enjoyable along the way. Creating a comfortable, clean, relaxed and intimate place away from the hustle and bustle of life, where people can connect and lives can be changed, is our goal and we are blessed to be able to be a part of this wonderful ministry.

Liam Cruicksank

Host & Programmer

I am the Programmer and Host over at Burnside Camp down in Anglesea Victoria, my role is and will be to talk with you and your group; I will be communicating and organising your camp and with you to enable you to have the best experience you can, and getting what you’d like out of our services and facilities.

I have been with Baptist Camping Victoria for over 3 years now and working with groups from all around the state, I hope to see you come through one of our sites!

Colin Lloyd

Weekend Host & Programmer

Weekend Programmer and Host over at Burnside Camp down in Anglesea Victoria, Colins role is and will be to talk with you and your group;

He will be communicating with you over the weekend and enable you to have the best experience you can, and getting the most out of your weekend through our services and facilities and what the Great Ocean Road has too offer. You might see Colin out and about in the community on his days off volunteering and enjoying all the delights of living on the Surf Coast.

Richy Philip


Richy hails from India where his passion for cooking was ignited in him from a young age; watching his mother and grandmother cook together during family feasts, Richy was always an eager taste tester. After moving to Australia to study in the culinary arts Richy has worked at a local bistro and on a cruise ship before settling in the Geelong Region. He enjoys cooking for large groups and under the tutelage of our Head Chef Rolf.

Richy is soon to be married and enjoys trying out new restaurants.