School Camps Victoria – 5 Benefits of School Camp Accommodation

At Baptist Camping Victoria, we have been providing camp accommodation for young people since 1945. More importantly, we’ve been providing fulfilling school camp experiences that students cherish for years into their future.

As we see it, the benefits of school camps for students are simple. As well as all Baptist school camps being social, children get to immerse themselves in places of outstanding natural beauty.

School Camp Accommodation Builds Character

Baptist school camps in Victoria don’t just provide high-quality camp accommodation in places of spectacular scenic interest. As well as this, staying at our camps often represents the first time students stay away from home without their parents.

Being in an environment surrounded by their peers encourages young people to exercise independent decision making. The majority of students relish this opportunity. In the process, our camps subsequently help students build character and all-important self-confidence.

Less Screen Time. More Green Time

Young people today live in a constant digital smog of apps, online gaming, and social media.

Because all of our camp accommodation is set in iconic natural surrounds, we help young people disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature.

Our goal is to help students at our school camps become more appreciative and enthusiastic about Australia’s great outdoors. To achieve this, we can arrange hands-on activities at each of our camps, that help young people learn through direct sensory experiences.

Do your students need less screen time and more green time? If so, you’ll love what our camps have to offer.

Baptist School Camp Accommodation Builds Social Skills

In 2011, research in the U.S. found a direct correlation between school camp attendance and positive social development in young people.

It goes without saying that some young people feel anxious about camp experiences initially. However, attendance at school camps predominantly results in students becoming more assertive, as well as more confident leaders and decision-makers.

Lasting Student-Teacher Relationship Benefits

At Baptist Camping Victoria, all students in our school camp accommodation benefit from supervision by teachers. However, unlike in school, Baptist school camp experiences are all about fun.

By being fun and adventure orientated, participating in hands-on activities at each of our camps helps students connect more socially with teachers. This often results in better student-teacher relationships back in the classroom.

Camp Accommodation Helps Empower Young People to be Themselves

Learning in classroom environments often leaves students feeling ‘stuck’ with certain labels. Some labels like ‘studious’ can be positive. However, many can be negative.

At each of our Victoria school camps, we help students shake off existing social labels. School is out, camp is in. Young people can, therefore, finally let their true personalities shine as they interact with their peers in a brand new environment.

Every year, we see students who are shy or lack certain social skills finally start making new friends. As a bonus, many such students become genuinely more enthused about learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Experience the Lasting Benefits of School Camps for Yourself

Are you a Victoria educator? If so, discover how our school camp accommodation and activity centres can foster better camaraderie among your students.

Baptist Camping Victoria operates school camp accommodation in several iconic Victoria locations. We can also cater for all sizes of school groups. Find out more about our facilities and activity programs by contacting one of our team today.