The 3 Key Aspects Of A Successful School Camp

Want to have your class inspired, stimulated and enchanted on your next school camp? Be the Hero of your classroom and earn the appreciation you deserve. Use the 3 keys of a successful school camp and you’ll even have the most challenging kids in the school enthralled and captivated! 


As you know, Inclusion and Acceptance are paramount in the classroom.

The American Psychological Association have revealed that exclusion may be as harmful as bullying, causing children to withdraw from classroom activities and suffer academically (Buhs 2006).

Acceptance sits deep within our values at Baptist Camping Victoria. Here, we strive to create a community where everyone truly belongs. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what your story is; we focus on making sure everyone feels included!  This is essential to ensure your class of kids feel at home whilst they take part in our camps and activities!


Every child needs to feel as though they belong. This directly impacts the way students interact with each other, but also with their teachers.

To feel confident, happy and comfortable, children first need to feel part of the group (and not apart from the group). This sense of belonging can be grown in therapeutic and supportive relationships.

See, we’ve taken this to heart at Baptist Camping Victoria.

At Mill Valley Ranch, we do things a little differently  by making use of Equine Assisted Therapy to enable kids to overcome their own psychological hurdles. 

Horses act as an ‘emotional mirror’ for humans. What this means is that when someone displays emotion in their face or body, a horse will react with the same emotions. This gives children a chance to understand and deal with their own feelings (Scharrf 2017).

In addition to this, horses elicit trust. They are majestic, gentle and honest creatures. Students can build strong, trusting relationships with a horse, while increasing their own confidence. This relationship enables the student to feel involved, valued and learn to cooperate with others.


It’s not rocket science that the key to a successful camp is that children can have fun!

Most camps often experience a trade-off between ‘entertaining’ and ‘educational’ experiences. But, here at Mill Valley Ranch, we know the difference between a camp that will pass the time and one that will be cherished for years. The key to success is an integration of the two; fun and learning.

At Mill Valley Ranch, we delight your students through real-world experience-based learning activities. However,  the values deeply entrenched in our camp enable them to learn life-long lessons that extend beyond positive interactions in the classroom and trickle down to every facet of their life.

So what are you waiting for? Steer away from the dull, boring and mundane activities that have your students feel like they are preparing for the NAPLAN.

Transcend the ordinary and choose a school camp they will cherish forever with Baptist Camping Victoria! 


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