Do you ever wonder if you are parenting right?

Should you let them go to that party?

Should you let them hang out with that friend (that just doesn’t seem right)?

See, there’s a simple way to make sure that you are making the right parenting choices…

It’s by empowering your child to make the right decision themselves. Doing this let’s them judge the good and bad intrinsically – without you having to overstep your boundaries.

Now, this may sound like a parenting “fairy tale”, but there is a way to ensure this isn’t a figment of your imagination.

It’s by showing your child the way by leading them to the guidance of God. Christian education is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy. It is a simple way to instil positive values that follow them throughout their life.

Based on our experience, we’ve identified that there are five key areas where a Christian Education can really benefit the development of your child.


Within the bible, there are vital lessons taught through the word of God.  It shows individuals to be loving and caring in all actions. Furthermore, character is fostered, and leadership skills are depicted in biblical stories.

There is no doubt that children today are faced with various choices and decisions that can have a lasting impact on their lives. In these cases, the leaders and individuals in the bible can act as role models to guide action in everyday life. 

Positive Environment

Participating in a Christian community and sharing faith can have tremendous effects on the environment surrounding your child. By continually being surrounded by people who are loving, caring and accepting, these influences can increase a child’s self-esteem. Doing this can provide them with the confidence to resist peer pressure and make decisions which are congruent with their inner guiding voice.

Academic Excellence

Studies have shown the positive effect of Christian education on overall academic results. A report in USA Today displayed faith-based schools to have higher maths results and graduation rates than students who attended public schools.

Another Meta-Analysis of 90 studies confirmed these findings. These results demonstrated that faith-based schools scored 11% higher than standardised tests in comparison to children who attended non-faith based schools.

Lasting Effects into adulthood

Developing a relationship with God through prayer time and study can have a lasting impact that extends beyond childhood. An active faith enables guidance in everyday life experiences. 

The values taught in Christianity affects decisions and attitudes that follow your child throughout their personal and professional lives.

There are many ways the values and lessons of the Christian faith can be instilled in your child. Attending youth group, church or merely being present in the Church community can enable your child to have the best chance of leading a virtuous life.

Our camps are centred around instilling these values while empowering children to be the very best person they can be. Our mission is to provide a loving community to facilitate a sense of belonging.

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