How do you empower a child to be the best they can be?

We often hear as adults, that we are shaped by our childhood.

Therefore, empowering your child to inner confidence, strength and courage are integral to their lifelong success.

In fact – It is a process of guiding them to feel and believe that they are powerful now to get their best foot forward in life.

However, what’s the best way to do this?

If you listened to the papers and the TV, they would say:

‘Nurture your child….
‘don’t over-nurture your child. They will become too dependent….

‘Allow your child to take risks…
‘Don’t let them take risks. they will end up in trouble…..

‘Follow your dreams….
‘But be realistic….

‘Listen to your child…
‘Don’t believe everything that they say….

If you listen to these, you’re bound to get lost in the maze of parenting confusion.

However, there is one main principle that is psychologically proven to empower your child.

It’s simply this:


It’s simply putting belief in your child, which enables them to ‘see’ themselves as highly competent right now.

In order to build your child’s character, Positive Psychology teaches that parents need to focus on highlighting the strengths and positive aspects of their child’s development.

By focusing on your child’s strengths rather than weaknesses, it enables them to be raised into a confident and mature person. Doing the opposite will interfere with their ability to achieve happiness and a fulfilling life.

A study by the American Psychologist (2012) indicated that nurturing and encouraging environments have a positive impact on the child’s emotional health. This has been proven to minimize biologically and psychologically toxic events, promote and reinforce prosocial behaviour and prepare them with the skills to become productive members of society.

Therefore, it is imperative for a child to be encouraged daily to ensure they are set up for their best possible life.

A child wants their wildest dreams to come true, and it’s up to us to let them believe this can happen.

Even just telling your child, ‘You can do it! I believe in you’ is a great way to start empowering your child today!

Another example is filtering this down to encourage the child’s particular abilities, skills and qualities. In this way, they can see just how valuable, talented and capable they truly are.

For example, saying they’re ‘creative’ and ‘talented’ during an art class is a great way to make them feel like a powerful creator.

This seems simple, but surrounding your child with a supportive and encouraging environment is integral to their positive development.

This environment needs to extend beyond the home life and be reinforced in various surroundings.

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