Our Ministry Camps for the last 20 years have had a huge impact on a Baptist Camping Victoria, they are why we exist, they are an exciting part of our camping program.  As a Church agency, we want to share the gospel and our lives to all who come in contact with our Centres. This could be through what we do or via running a full evangelism camp.

Baptist Camping Victoria’s EPIC program covers all different focuses of camps. We run camps throughout the year challenging all ages. Our ministry team includes all staff from all centres creating a safe environment for the attendee’s.

This ministry is created to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  EPIC stands for Encouraging People in Christ – and that’s exactly what we do!  We work in a relaxed environment, walking besides people and sharing community over their time at camp. We have a variety of camps from youth camps, family camps, work camps, craft camps and more.

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Baptist Camping Victoria provides religious services through our retreats, camps and events we run.

These include, but are not limited to our: Roundups, Pony Express, Vollie / Leadership Training, as well as our EPIC Camps – Craft, Photography, Sole Parent, Youth, and Family Camps. These all have a different look and feel, with our religious beliefs being the foundational element in them all.

This is evident through our leadership training and development, the worship and chapel times, along with the values sessions and devotions shared with each of the campers and ranchers. The Bible, prayer, and personal sharing of testimonies are all integral parts of what define each camp retreat or event.

Our staff and volunteers do this by getting alongside the campers and ranchers, being respectful and sensitive, recognising that they come from all backgrounds and experiences. The purpose for running each these is pure and simple – to share the love of Jesus in all we do, through service, words, and actions.

These are just some of the Camps that are situated around Victoria

Click here if you need help with registering for a camp

Click here if you need help with registering for a camp

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