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School Camps Victoria – 5 Benefits of School Camp Accommodation

At Baptist Camping Victoria, we have been providing camp accommodation for young people since 1945. More importantly, we’ve been providing fulfilling school camp experiences that students cherish for years into their future. As we see it, the benefits of school camps for students are simple. As well as all Baptist school camps being social, children […]

The Best School Camps in Victoria – Your 2020 Camp Guide

The Best School Camps in Victoria – Your 2020 Camp Guide Baptist Camping Victoria operates the best school camps in Victoria for value-driven outdoor education, team building, and authentic adventure experiences. We take the hassle out of securing safe school camp accommodation in Victoria. To do this, we operate friendly, home-from-home camp facilities, across several […]

Learning Through Christ is More Powerful Than You Think

Do you ever wonder if you are parenting right? Should you let them go to that party? Should you let them hang out with that friend (that just doesn’t seem right)? See, there’s a simple way to make sure that you are making the right parenting choices… It’s by empowering your child to make the […]

Community : The Lifeblood of Your Spiritual Development

It’s no secret that a sense of belonging through Community is integral to living a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable life. Society is becoming increasingly fragmented and this means Australian’s are increasingly searching for a sense of Community and somewhere to belong. According to Psychology Today, belonging involves being accepted (Hall 2014). It is an innate […]

How to Motivate, Inspire and Empower Your Kids In 2019

How do you empower a child to be the best they can be? We often hear as adults, that we are shaped by our childhood. Therefore, empowering your child to inner confidence, strength and courage are integral to their lifelong success. In fact – It is a process of guiding them to feel and believe […]

It’s Hard Being A Child Today

It’s easy to reflect on the ”good ol’ days” of childhood before bills, work and responsibilities took us by surprise. But, being a child in 2019 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. (And the worst part: the ramifications are more troubling than you think). Technology changes Take a look at the day of a modern […]