Baptist Camping Victoria Staff

I have been in Camping for 25 years in a team with my wife Kendra, and each year you meet new challenges and see the amazing workings of God. Ministry in Camping is a serving ministry which includes running camps yourself as well as providing a space for other to do their ministry. In my time in camping I started as an Assistant Manager doing everything that needed doing to now being the Director of Camping for the Baptist Church. This means supporting staff that look after the campsites, ministries, and personally sharing the Boards vision for camping to all, as well as being in meetings for the Baptist Church. Another side to my role is being a part of Christian Venues Association which I am Victorian Chairperson and the Deputy Chair National. In this role I am on the cutting edge of information and policing for Camping Venues across Australia. What I enjoy is the development of ministry, working with all staff and groups, and seeing young people develop and be challenged. You can see this in little things of doing dishes, to climbing high ropes or just having time to reflect. We live in a big and wonderful world that we need to explore and experience.

This really is an amazing ministry to be part of and I encourage you to reflect on your life calling to see if this is for you.

Geoff Caldwell

Director of Camping

” I believe I have been called into the camping ministry
just like pastors are called into the church. “