• Encouraging People in Christ

Ministry is why we exist! It is an exciting part of our camping program.  As a Church agency, we want to share the gospel and our lives to all who come in contact with our Centres. This could be through what we do or via running a full evangelism camp.

Baptist Camping Victoria’s EPIC program covers all different focuses of camps. We run camps throughout the year challenging all ages. Our ministry team includes all staff from all centres creating a safe environment for the attendee’s.

This ministry is created to share the good news of Jesus Christ.  EPIC stands for Encouraging People in Christ – and that’s exactly what we do!  We work in a relaxed environment, walking besides people and sharing community over their time at camp. We have a variety of camps from youth camps, family camps, work camps, craft camps and more.

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Our Ministry Camps

Work Camp

Come and join us for a weekend of projects & DIY work around Camp Wilkin.
For your hard work we will provide free accommodation, gourmet meals provided by our on site chef and a plenty of good people and laughs.

Price: FREE
Date: 2nd-4th June
Where: Camp Wilkin

Arts & Craft Camp

A weekend of arts and crafts, and massages, and meals made by our amazing chefs. What could be better? Spend this weekend finishing off those projects or take the time to create something new! Either way join like minded individuals who love the arts.

Price: $140
When: 21-23rd July 2017
Where: Camp Wilkin

Photography Camp

Do you want to take great photos and make something more out of that hobby? Learn how to shoot like a pro.

Cost: $140
Includes: Accommodation & meals.
Date: 23rd-25th June
Where: Camp Wilkin

Bring your own camera
Workshops include:
Photography Basics
Low Light
And plenty of practical off site photography

Led by Don Kenny who has over 40 years of professional photography. A wealth of information, this weekend will be invaluable for the adult photography hobbyist, beginner and intermediate level photographers.