Our Vision

Christian Camping that Challenges

Camp Wilkin is a property of the Baptist Union of Victoria under the management of Baptist Camping Victoria Board. We pride ourselves on being part of the community and reflecting the ethos and values of the Baptist Church in all that we do.

Our guests benefit from their time with us in many ways.  We invite you to read on and learn the advantages your group will receive by spending some time with us.

We have five intents of operations


Camping in three locations that both challenges and unites groups through shared activities and goal setting.


Ministry Camps spread the good news of Jesus Christ by serving and sharing.


Training Camps that develop skills, knowledge and experiences so all staff reach their full potential.


Build relationships that enhance other Christian groups and churches camping ministry.


A focus on Christian outreach to the community through our camping programs.

Whats New?

Interested in our Ministry Camps?

Ministry is why we exist!  It’s an exciting part of our camping program and paves the way for the advantages our guests enjoy.  As a Church agency we want to share the gospel and our lives to all who come in contact with our Centres. This could be through what we do right through to running a full evangelism camp.  We are at your service.

Baptist Camping Victoria’s Ministry Camps cover all different focuses. We run camps throughout the year challenging all ages. Our ministry team includes all staff from all centres creating a safe environment for the attendees.

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Baptist Camping Victoria is committed to the safety and holistic well-being of all children and young people at our campsites. We are a child safe multi-site